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Government Contracting  Business Solutions

Minority-Owned Businesses 

Why IMNovateHP PRO Business Consulting Firm?

Dual Solutions

IMNovateHP PRO empowers minority-owned businesses to train and secure government contracts. We specialized in Brand Development, Training Development and Digital Marketing. Our PRO Advantage Training Modules and  Business Consulting Services are  key dual solutions tailored to meet our client's needs. Each company's vision is diverse. The services they receive should be constituted to meet those demands. IMNovateHP PRO works to diversify our services to meet your business objective.

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PRO Advantage Training Modules

Here at IMNovateHP, we firmly believe that equity, inclusion, and diversity are crucial factors in driving small business growth. Our PRO Advantage Solutions strategy is designed with 7 Training Modules with over 25 courses, to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. With our personalized recommendations, we offer our clients access to valuable tools needed to secure contracts with local, state, or government agencies. By utilizing our services, our clients can confidently expand their businesses and achieve their DEI aspirations.


Business Consulting Services

At IMNovateHP PRO, we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in Minnesota who may have been marginalized. We offer exceptional Consulting Services in Training Development, Brand Development, and Digital Marketing, with the aim of crafting customized strategies for each of our clients. Our innovative solutions not only assist entities to survive but to thrive. If you're ready to scale your business through government contracts, please give us a call today. We look forward to helping your company reach its full potential.

Downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota at night. IMNovateHP PRO Business Consulting Firm

IMNovateHP PRO Business Consulting Firm

IMNovateHP PRO is committed to advancing Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Government Contracting. Our proven methodology of providing top-notch resources, services, and training is specifically designed to uplift underrepresented entrepreneurs in Minnesota, ultimately leading them to achieve success.

At IMNovateHP PRO, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy Business Consulting Firm, dedicated to providing innovative strategies to help companies excel in their respective markets. Whether your company is a startup or an established business, we offer essential business solutions that can help you thrive. Our creative solutions are designed to positively impact your company's growth trajectory, and we remain committed to supporting your business's scalability for the long term. Let us help you achieve your business objectives.

 PRO Advantage Solutions

IMNovateHP PRO is dedicated to resolving the pressing challenges that confront minority-owned businesses. Our PRO-ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS are the cornerstone of our success, as they enable us to provide a distinctive course of action towards procurement. Through our training modules, IMNovateHP PRO empowers companies to drive transformation, realize their goals, and enhance productivity.

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